Our Services

Individual Barrel Packing

We offer you our valued customers the opportunity to pack a barrel Individually from the comfort of your tablet, mobile device, or home computer. Simply shop online for the products of your choice for your barrel, add the items you desire to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout when you're finish shopping. A Service Fee, the Cost of the shipping Barrel and Ocean freight  will be added to your total at checkout. Turn over document fees will be collected in Barbados for customs clearances.


Group Barrel Packing

We offer our customers the opportunity to pack a barrel with as many as ten (10) family members or friends from the comfort of their tablet, mobile device, or home computer.

Here is how it works, simply complete our Group Barrel Sign-up Form located at the bottom of this page or the Home page. Be sure to include how many people will be sharing a barrel with you by checking the box that corresponds to the number of people, Create a unique code number and submit. This code number you must share with the other members sharing the barrel with you.

We will use this code to identify all the purchases that will be grouped together in the barrel. Each member will shop online for the products of their choice to be added to the barrel and check out separately. Service Feethe Cost of the shipping Barrel and Ocean freight will be divided equally amount all group members. Turn over document fees will be collected in Barbados for customs clearance. These additional fees should be shared equally as well. 

Commercial Barrel Shipping

Created specially for the small businessperson, the corner shops and those wishing to resell, this service is designed for those that are shipping a minimum of four barrels or more per shipment. Commercial shippers will have access to our discount program with a volume discount of up to 2% cashback on cost of goods purchase, excluding taxes.

Destination Customs Clearance for Barbados

We understand when your shipment arrive at the port of Barbados, you may not have the time to dedicate to picking up documents and going to the port to clear customs, no worries, we will always ask you prior to sending your barrel if you would like us to do the documentation, Customs clearance and delivery on your behalf.

We charge a flat fee of $199 Bds to do it all.We will pick up the documents on  your behalf, schedule the appointment with the port and present documents to customs, and arrange delivery for you. If you ask us to cover all the cost, the documents pick-up, Customs Clearance and delivery, we will at a service charge of 3% to the money that was outlaid.


How Our Online Service Works..

Navigate to our website and shop for the items you desire and add them to your shopping cart. We will update you on the percentage full of you barrel as you continue to shop. In general a fully packed barrel consists of approx $550 - $750usd. 

Shipping Charges breakdown..

At checkout do not forget to add the packing barrel you will need for us to pack your goods to your cart, it cost $55.00 usd.  A service fee of $35.00 USD, this is to cover the cost of picking the items you ordered and packing them into your barrel of choice, a trucking fee of $25.00 USD will be added to cover transportation of the barrel to the shipping company and the Ocean freight to your Country of $99.00 USD.   A total of $159 usd will appear as Shipping & Service Charges at checkout.

Note: the cost of the barrel, Ocean Freight and trucking is equal or less than all shipping companies 

All Barrels MUST be filled and ready by Thursday for departure for sailing on Sundays. Arrival is on average 14 days later. Upon arrival to your destination port, you will be notified when your barrel is offloaded and ready to present to customs. A document turnover fee is accessed by the local agent for presenting documents to customs for declaration.