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Breakfast collection

Breakfast is the meal of champions so why settle for less. We have options.
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Snacks On The Go

Snack Foods
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Kitchen Mixers & Blenders

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Sanitary Products & Family Planning

Tampons, Condoms, Sanitary napkins, Contraceptives, condoms, Hygene 

Laundry Detergents

Choose from a variety of popular and re-known quality brands of laundry... 

Personal Care

Lotions, Facials, Hygene, Oils, Skincare 

Our Committment

Our committment is to deliver a qualty service by offering a fair price to every customer. Customer satisfaction is our number one prioroity.

Remember to select your barrel for packing. Click below

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Pack a Barrel Online, from the comfort of your mobile device, transform yourself to the shopping shelves of amazing prices.

You're In Control

Packing a barrel has never been so easy. Now you can from virtually anywhere, all you need is a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Click and select the items of your choice. You control what you buy and how much you want to pay. Pack with as many as 10 family members combined in one barrel and split the cost of shipping and customs clearance.

  • How much to ship a barrel?

    The standard shipping fees from New York to the caribbean (Barbados) is $99.99 USD. WEPAK4U charges a flat delivery fee to the port of $25.00 USD per Barrel and a service fee of $35.00 USD to pick and pack the goods into the barrel. Total Shipping cost at checkout is $159.99 USD.

    Choose Your Packing Barrel Here 
  • Can I ship with another company?

    Yes, you can choose any company to pick-up your barrel after we have completed packing. We do charge a $15 usd document turnover fee to release the shipment.

  • Are there any other fees I have to pay when my barrel arrives?

    When your barrel(s) arrives, you will be notified by the shipping company that transported your barrel(s), agent. They will charge a documentation turn over fee (on average $100 bds). Your local port will assess duties and taxes on the goods after inspection of your goods. Customs clearance and delivery arrangements of your barrel(s) from the port is made by yourself or we can provide the full service if requested at a standard fee. Contact Us for details.

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