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A.1. Original Steak Sauce (15 oz., 2 pk.)

A.1. Original Steak Sauce (15 oz., 2 pk.)

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Transform your meals with the bold flavor of A1. This original sauce is the perfect complement to burgers, steak, chicken, pork, vegetables and a wide variety of other savory foods and specialty recipes. Original A1 steak sauce combines ripe tomatoes, crushed oranges, garlic and a complex blend of herbs and spices for deliciousness in every bite. Experience the rich, zesty flavor of A1 as a topping or marinade, brush it on while grilling your preferred protein, or drizzle it over an entrée for an enhanced boost of flavor. Also ideal as a dipping sauce, you can serve A1 alongside french fries, chicken nuggets, wings and more, or use our sauce in your family’s favorite meatloaf recipe.


An iconic condiment with truly royal roots, A1 Sauce was originally created in 1824 by Henderson William Brand, a chef to King George IV of the United Kingdom. To this day, chefs and home cooks around the world trust A1 Sauce to elevate their signature dishes. Each glass bottle is resealable to maintain freshness. Stock up on our two-pack of 15-ounce bottles so you'll always have plenty of A1 on hand. Whether you use it as a sauce or a marinade, A1 adds delicious flavor to all of your family favorites.

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