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Blue Diamond Almonds Grab-and-Go Bags (0.625 oz, 32 pk)

Blue Diamond Almonds Grab-and-Go Bags (0.625 oz, 32 pk)

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  • Guilt-free snacking on-the-go
  • Only 100 calories per bag
  • Great alternative to fatty, fried chips


Blue Diamond® Almonds Grab-and-Go Bags are the healthy alternative to typical fried, salty snacks. In these convenient grab-and-go pouches, you can enjoy the natural flavor of Blue Diamond Almonds everywhere you go. Keep a bag in your purse for when you need a midday treat, sneak them into your kid's lunchbox or take them traveling for a wholesome snack you can feel good about eating. Say goodbye to high-calorie munchies for good.

Getting Creative with Blue Diamond Almonds

You can eat Blue Diamond nuts right out of the bag or you can get a little creative with them. Almonds can be chopped up to top salads or casserole and can even be ground to add into a coating to be fried. Pair them with something sweet like chocolate to enjoy a balanced and flavorful snack. Almonds can be ground up and added to smoothies for an additional shot of nutrients and vitamins. Finely chopped almonds go well with stir-fry dishes and can be crumbled up as a topping over warmed fresh fruit.

How Many Servings Are in a Bag of Grab-and-Go Almonds?

One bag of Blue Diamond Almonds is equaled to one serving. There are 32 grab-and-go bags in every box.

How Many Calories Are in Each Serving?

There are only 100 calories in every bag of almonds. Blue Diamond Almonds are cholesterol and sodium-free and are low in sugar.

A Healthier Alternative to Chips

Fried chips can be high in fat, calories, sodium and cholesterol and will leave behind an oily film when you eat them. Switch to Blue Diamond Almonds Grab-and-Go Bags for a cleaner and healthier alternative that can help you get your daily source of vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients. They're a guilt-free snack you can feel good about turning to throughout the day.

Guilt-Free Snacking On-the-Go

Blue Diamond nuts are a snack you can bring everywhere. Break them out while on the road to satisfy a rumbling stomach, keep a pack at your desk to keep you alert, give them to your kids after sports practice and store them in your carry-on for a filling snack mid-flight.

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