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Pam Original Cooking Spray (12 oz., 2 pk.)

Pam Original Cooking Spray (12 oz., 2 pk.)

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  • Nonstick, fat-free cooking oil spray
  • Now 50% bigger
  • Up to 99% less residue

When you want to keep your pots and pans free from food mess, rely on Pam® Original Cooking Spray. Pam Cooking Spray prevents foods from sticking to cooking surfaces and unlike heavy oils, allows for fat-free baking and cooking.

About Pam Original Cooking Spray

Pam Cooking Spray is a pioneer when it comes to producing fat-free cooking oil sprays, something that is both convenient and healthier than using other oils. This spray is often used on pans when frying eggs, in casserole dishes when making potatoes au gratin and in bread pans when baking up a batch of zucchini nut loaf. This versatile product not only makes clean-up a breeze by ensuring food doesn't stick to the cooking surface but helps maintain the integrity of the meal. Food can easily be removed from the pan after cooking and onto your plate without a wrestling match between stuck-on food and your spatula, all because this cooking spray keeps surfaces greased.

Who Needs Nonstick Cooking Spray?

Pam Cooking Spray is a staple in homes and restaurants across the nation. This package comes with two 12-ounce cooking spray cans. Pam's formula is fat-free, so it can be used to help control calories and reduce fat intake as opposed to using other oils for greasing pans. It makes cooking and baking at home and in restaurants easier and guarantees shorter clean-up times.

Are There Other Uses for Pam Original Cooking Spray?

Yes! Though Pam Cooking Spray is a master at non-fat greasing and making cooking and cleaning a breeze, you may delight in knowing it can do more. Try spraying Pam on a grater before grating cheese and vegetables to make clean-up easier. Or try it when making microwave popcorn—spray popped corn with Pam and toss in your favorite seasonings to help it stick to each popcorn piece better.

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